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How to Educate Yourself Before Changing Your Billing Process

Every spring, as the front lawn turns from brown to green, I venture into the garage to pull down my trusted friend, the lawnmower. Now this is no ordinary mower, it was passed down to me from my dad, who handled it with care, making certain every year that the blades were sharpened and the wheels were tightly secured with new cotter pins and it was generously oiled.

You see, this mower is different from the rest of the neighborhood mowers. It doesn’t have an engine. I even believe that I get a great workout from the push and pull. My kids have teased me consistently for hanging on to this relic but I just smile and recant the stories of my youth. My lawnmower works great and there is something to be said for the way it makes me feel, but deep down, as I get a bit older, I realize that change may be inevitable. I’ve even splurged and joined the Apple revolution, with my IPhone and IPad, for the convenience they bring. I’d love to mow the lawn in half the time. It would be terrific if, after a mow, my muscles wouldn’t ache as much (the folks who make Aleve are becoming quite wealthy on me.)

I’ve started to pass by the outdoor departments at my local home supply store to “just look” at the new lawnmowers. Sitting on the front steps after completing my first mow of the season, I began to realize how sometimes I am reluctant to change. Maybe it’s time for me break down and get a new lawnmower. I thought about all the prospects I’ve come across at Billtrust discussing what it takes to make their billing process more strategic. I am asking them to change. With today’s advancements and ability to use internet research, I encourage others that are “just looking” to continue educating yourself on the potential benefits you can realize from making strategic changes to your billing process. There are so many great resource out there to educate you while you make this change. In return, I’ll start considering the new lawnmower.  

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