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Blog Post

May and June Monthly Blog Round Up

May and June have been busy months here at Billtrust, and our blog certainly shows that. We published a number of posts on a range of topics, including the launch of the new Billtrust Business Directory, several employee spotlights, and industry related news. Here is a brief overview of all of our May and June blog posts and links to further your reading enjoyment!

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An Interview with Chief Data Officer James Eichmann

Big data has become more than just a financial technology buzzword. It has become a tool to help companies make strategic business decisions. When data and analytics are partnered together, they provide a resource that identifies strengths and weaknesses and can turbocharge your electronic adoption campaigns.

“The process of needing to make better and faster decision has put Big Data at the forefront within Billtrust so we can meet the demands of our customers and internal departments.”
– Chief Data Officer James Eichmann

This in-depth interview shares an inside look at the impact the Billtrust Business Directory can have on your company, as well as the ideology behind leveraging data to make more informed decisions.

Achieving a World-Class Billing Experience in an Impersonal Staffing Market (Part 1)

Understanding the Impact of Technology on Customer Experience for Staffing Firms (Part 2)

This two-part series from Regional Sales Executive Justin Main gives us an insider’s perspective on technology that helps shape customer experience for large staffing firms. This very detailed post identifies the customer experience issues staffing firms face as well as the impact software solutions can have on these organizations.

My Billtrust Internship Experience, by Jaclyn Newberry

These employee-centric posts gives our employees, prospective new hires, and followers an understanding of who works here at Billtrust, and why they feel at home here.

Internships are a great time to gain real-life experience that compliments your college studies. Jaclyn’s article gives a first-hand perspective of how one intern is not only making an impact with the work she is doing, but is becoming a part of Billtrust in the process.

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