Out of Sight, Out of Mind: You Shouldn't Have to Think About Your Billing Service Provider

Blog | October 3, 2013

Reading time: 1 min

"We forgot about you."

Not a phrase you expect to hear when speaking with a customer, but this reaction is a common one. At Billtrust, we meet with our customers daily to ensure they are getting the most out of their billing process.

If the bills are going out and payments are coming in, everything is terrific. Your billing service provider should be out of sight, out of mind!

Two simple points to consider:

1. Are you still sending out more invoices and statements via the U.S. Postal Service than any other delivery method? If you are not migrating your customers to electronic bill delivery, you are costing your company money. Not to mention the USPS just announced new proposed prices that will increase a single-piece letter from 46 cents to 49 cents.

2. Do your customers have the ability to pay their bills online? More and more consumers manage their household accounts online, and businesses are quickly adapting to this trend. Giving your customers multiple ways to pay you electronically (biller direct portal, consolidated billing portal, mobile and more) will increase customers satisfaction and get you paid faster.

Take a proactive approach to challenge your current billing process. Within your organization get sales, customer service, accounting and even the receptionist involved in talking about the ways your customers can manage their accounts online. You will be surprised how many of your customers are looking for faster, easier ways to do business with you or are willing to change once provided with the “what’s in it for me”.

You have enough to think about, your billing should not be one of them. These billing kits contain helpful tools to quickly improve your billing process.