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Blog Post

The Importance of Predictable Cash Flow

The success of every business hinges on its cash flow. There are numerous challenges around cash flow, from not having enough cash on hand, to unpredictable payments to customers who short pay or pay late which can have a devastating effect on whether or not the business can pay its own bills and survive.

Billtrust CEO Flint Lane was recently interviewed by about the havoc unpredictable cash flow can have on an organization, and how to solve this problem.

Hands holding a notebook reading Cash Flow with related doodles around it

“A business can’t expect to survive, let alone grow, without a basic understanding of its present-day challenges and long-term goals. A company’s strategic vision influences everything in a company, from its values and mission to hiring standards and marketing goals, and especially its cash flow.”

-Flint Lane, CEO of Billtrust

Click here to continue reading more from Flint and his thoughts on business, strategy, and how small businesses can stay competitive in today’s market by closing the cash flow gap.

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