What is life at Billtrust like for Senior Sales Executive Trevor Hufnagel

Blog | October 19, 2022

Reading time: 1 min
In this “What it's like” blog post, learn what life at Billtrust is like for Senior Sales Executive Trevor Hufnagel.

Formed and refined by two decades of stability and growth, Billtrust’s company values help shape our culture of innovation, accountability and work-life balance.

And that culture is driven by the quality and the diversity of people on the Billtrust team. Our employees are encouraged to share ideas, challenge the status quo, continuously learn and make an impact. In turn, we offer an environment full of purpose with rewarding work on passionate and productive teams and ample growth opportunities both professionally and personally.

To get an inside look at life at Billtrust, we sat down with Senior Sales Executive Trevor Hufnagel to discuss his role and experience within Billtrust culture.

Below are just a few of the topics we discussed. You can watch the full video and get to know Trevor face-to-face on our Sales @ Billtrust page.

How would you describe the sales culture at Billtrust?

The sales culture at Billtrust is demanding and exciting at the same time. Measuring success with sales is straightforward, and there are multiple different trajectories that support teammates hitting those goals.

What do you like most about the Billtrust culture?

The team has a very friendly and collaborative nature but is also competitive, which brings a drive to every interaction. I value the camaraderie but enjoy the fun competitiveness, as well!

What is a typical day at Billtrust like for you?

The days are busy! We’re working with existing customers as well as new accounts. It’s a hybrid of managing and ensuring that current purchased products are working seamlessly. On the flip side, it’s prospecting and sharing the Billtrust vision with new potential customers. 

Wrapping it up

Catch Trevor’s full video on our Sales @ Billtrust page, and learn more about the Billtrust culture and available careers at https://www.billtrust.com/careers/.