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Why I Love Billtrust – Christian Collins Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

People around the world depend on coffee and tea every morning to start their day. Royal Cup Coffee and Tea offers delicious coffee and tea beverages, such as their new cold brew drink. Christian Collins, a National Accounting and Receivables professional at Royal Cup Coffee and Tea, has been working with Billtrust for over seven years and has become a true accounts receivable success story. Learn a little more about Christian and why she loves working with Billtrust.

Billtrust Employee Spotlight headshot of Christian Collins

How long has Royal Cup Coffee and Tea been working with Billtrust?
I believe around 7+ years.

What benefits have you found from using Billtrust solutions?
Reduced DSO, More efficient collections, greater cash flow.

As a National Accounting and Receivables Specialist, how does Billtrust make your job easier?
The learning capabilities of the robotics make the workload reduce as it learns our repeat payers and their accounts. I trust what Billtrust is doing with our data. It works.

What is your favorite part of working with Billtrust?
Billtrust treats us like a part of their team. They are interested in what we are interested in achieving. The Billtrust Support Group is exceptional.

In your professional opinion, what is the biggest issue you see in accounts receivable today and how does Billtrust address that issue?
Technology is at work against us in some ways in AR. Many customers are using portals and making certain demands surrounding their invoicing policies. Virtual Credit Cards are being utilized in large volume. Billtrust is ready to tackle some of those obstacles with us. We are excited to learn more about Virtual Card Capture among other things.

A special thank you to Christian for taking a few minutes to speak with us and for the seven plus years of great work along with Billtrust.

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