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Why I Love Billtrust – Crescent Parts & Equipment

When you work with a customer for over a decade, you tend to develop a strong business relationship with them. We recently spoke to the Credit Manager at Crescent Parts & Equipment, Staci Cima, about why she loves working with Billtrust.

How long has Crescent Parts & Equipment been working with Billtrust and what benefits have you noticed as a Credit Manager?

Crescent Parts has been working with Billtrust for over 10 years. The benefit of using Billtrust at first was to automate the invoice processing portion of order to cash. Then we started rolling out other Billtrust features. For example, the portals give our customers instant access to their invoice and statement copies as well as details for online payments. This helps them and also cuts down on our department’s time. We have also used Billtrust’s tools to increase our eBilling and ePayment rates which have saved us thousands of dollars in administrative costs.

How does Billtrust make your job easier?

It gives our customers instant access to their accounts with us so they can always find their balance, pay their bills, and research missing invoices. When customers do call us, it’s easy to email invoice copies to them. Billtrust also has a several options we have used to customize a solution that works best with the way we do business.

What is your favorite part of working with Billtrust?

The Billtrust team is always working to find solutions and improve their product. They listen to users like us and find out what could be improved to make our processes work more smoothly. They are easy to speak with and always willing to help your company be successful.

With Billtrust Summit 2018 coming up in a few months, what are you looking forward to most?

I have attended the last three Billtrust Summits and I have learned so much at each one, such as tips and new offerings. The networking is fantastic. Meeting fellow credit managers in the same industry or who use the same ERP system lets me share ideas and experiences. It is a real benefit if you want to stay informed of what is happening in the industry.

A special thank you to Staci Cima of Crescent Parts & Equipment for taking the time to speak with us and more importantly over a decade of partnering with Billtrust!

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