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Why I Love Billtrust

At Billtrust, taking care of our clients is what drives us to work our hardest. This means making sure our products are meeting their needs, helping their business, and simplifying their jobs. As a result of our tireless work, we find that clients have great things to say about working with us. We wanted to create an opportunity that spotlights our clients and the great work they are doing along with our products, thus the creation of the “Why I Love Billtrust” project.

City landscape during sunset with quote Why I love Billtrust

This is an opportunity for Billtrust’s customers to share some of their thoughts about us as a company, our products/services, and the benefits of working with us. Because we are passionate about the work we do, we find that our clients share that enthusiasm and benefit from the innovation we strive to deliver every day.

You’re probably wondering by now what the project will look like. Well, we have the answer for you! Each client, that is taking part in the project, will share a quote about their experience with Billtrust and an action shot of them hard at work. This is a great opportunity for us to spotlight these “rockstars” as they do their day-to-day job. The image at the top of the article is an example of the content you will see from this project.

Are you a Billtrust customer who wants to take part in this fun project? All you have to do is email [email protected] and we will respond to you!

Ryan Mitchell | Social Media Coordinator at Billtrust

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