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Why I Love Working at Billtrust

Even as a very new Billtrust employee (start date 2/29/16!) – I totally get it. People who work at Billtrust are happy, it’s as simple as that. We’re excited about the work being done here, about the future of the organization, and we’re satisfied with our work/life balance. The fact that Billtrust was honored as one of the Best Places to Work in New Jersey for the 3rd year in a row this week does not surprise me at all, but It makes me proud to work here.

The assessment process is pretty straightforward. The Best Companies Group looks at an organization’s benefits and policies, as well as employee engagement and satisfaction. Billtrust offers it all: competitive salaries, stock options, 401k with company match, and multiple healthcare choices. The interesting stuff you don’t always hear about? We have an open PTO policy. The dress is casual every day. There is minimal bureaucracy so we can get our work done. Sharing creative new ideas is encouraged in every department. And we have popcorn Thursdays, people! In all seriousness, the culture is lively and fun with activities always scheduled to keep employees engaged. And it shows in how the people of Billtrust feel – this award makes Billtrust one of the top 25 large companies in NJ to work for, as gauged by the employees themselves in a survey format. And how a workforce feels translates into business success.

Billtrust employees football stance best place to work

I find it telling that both employees and customers of Billtrust alike feel so strongly about the company. If you take a look at what Billtrust customers have to say about us, you’ll see they have an emotional connection to Billtrust. I truly feel that the fact our employees are so engaged helps to create meaningful relationships with our customers, and leads to great things for both parties.

Another one of the many things that makes Billtrust such a unique company is that every new employee at Billtrust gets to meet with the CEO, Flint Lane, one-on-one. It made me feel valued, he knew what I was brought on to do at Billtrust and was also interested in me as a person. Flint shared his thoughts on this award on LinkedIn, and then sent to the entire company to let us know how important we are.

So congrats, Billtrust! I’m one of you now, and join your ranks as one of the engaged and satisfied employees. Now, where’s my survey so I can shout it from the rooftops?

Article written by Jill Gottlieb

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