Why You Need to Join Billtrust’s Online Community

Blog | June 29, 2016

Reading time: 2 min
Get a first look at new Billtrust products, interact with other accounts receivable and accounts payable professionals, and get rewarded with prizes!

We all know that getting a back stage pass is exciting! You get to look behind the scenes and experience intimate interactions with talented performers who make our world a little happier.

Well, what if there was a way to get a first look at new Billtrust solutions, interact with other accounts receivable and accounts payable professionals, and get rewarded with prizes that make you happy? I have news for you. There is, and it’s called the Billtrust Back Stage Pass.

In March, I started working with our awesome clients in Back Stage Pass - our online community that allows us to build and maintain meaningful relationships with our clients. Back Stage Pass is where Billtrust clients interact with one another, complete challenges to win amazing rewards, and talk to us directly. It’s an all access pass to billing industry updates, best practices, and discussion boards.

When a new company signs with Billtrust, they are invited to join Back Stage Pass. With weekly challenges ranging from educational articles, product improvement surveys, and ‘just for fun’ activities, the Billtrust Back Stage Pass gives our clients a break from the normal day-to-day work and provides the opportunity to expand their knowledge as well as their professional network.

But that’s not all; the best part about Back Stage Pass is that our clients are part of a community. Not only are they able to interact with us on a more personal level, but they have the ability to speak with other Billtrust clients. The discussion board is filled with questions and answers and conversations between Billtrust clients. They share tips with each other about Billtrust solutions, AR/AP best practices, and more. Have a question about billing best practices? Billtrust admins have the answers. Want to know what other companies are doing to improve their eAdoption rates? Start a thread on the discussion board. The possibilities are endless, and our clients are always interested in learning new ideas from one another.

Online communities makes connecting with clients easier than ever. Working in Back Stage Pass is one of my favorite parts of my role here at Billtrust. Not just because it’s a fun place to give our clients the rewards and attention they deserve, but because I get to hear first-hand how Billtrust helps companies and see the community that is created with our clients. Even though our clients have many other things to do every day, they choose to log in to Back Stage Pass and engage with us on a consistent basis.

At Billtrust, we believe in transparency. It’s important that our clients have the ability to ask questions and learn as much as they can about their resources at Billtrust.