Working together: Take Your Child to Work Day 2017

Blog | May 5, 2017

Reading time: 2 min

In order for any organization to succeed, each member must work together. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about members of a team or departments, the pieces have to go together to create the big picture. At Billtrust we taught this lesson to the next generation of employees (we hope) during Take Your Child to Work Day, as one of many of the activities focused on communication, working together, and yes, designing puzzle pieces.

It was important to us that all of the kids had fun while they learned a thing or two. We organized the kids into various groups that would work at each activity station. One activity encouraged each member of each group to decorate a puzzle piece. Each child could decorate their piece any way they wanted, as long as they followed the designated colors. As each group completed their section of the puzzle it slowly started to form a much bigger picture, the Billtrust logo.

puzzle pieces on glass wall in Billtrust office creating the billtrust logo

All of our kids did a phenomenal job creating a beautiful version of the Billtrust logo, but they also took part in another business exercise without even knowing it. Think about your role at your company. You specialize in a few different things that help contribute to your team, department, and the company. You are one piece of the company puzzle, just like how each child designed their own puzzle piece to make up the Billtrust logo.

The lesson these kids learned, and that we all learned, is that each member of a team is an important part of the bigger company puzzle. Without each and every piece, the puzzle isn’t complete and won’t work at its most efficient level.

How does your company work together from the individual employee level to company wide?