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Your Billtrust Quantum Questions Answered

Last week Billtrust rolled out the red carpet for Quantum, our new end-to-end, invoice-to-cash solution. We’ve been asked a few questions from our followers and fans, so we’ve compiled all of the answers for you in one place.

What is Quantum?

Billtrust Quantum is a payment cycle management solution that automates the invoice-to-cash process.

It works with your existing ERP, and it removes the need for manual, outdated processes. Quantum takes your ERPs data files, processes them, then handles all of the steps, including invoicing, payments, and cash application. In the end, Quantum sends updated data files back to your ERP, your cash flow is accelerated, and your customers are happier.

What is payment cycle management (PCM)?

Payment cycle management is the term used to describe the whole invoice-to-cash process.

In the old days, companies would combine manual processes with software to handle individual steps.

Today, world-class organizations are using flexible, secure PCM solutions that automate the entire process, from start to finish while integrating with the existing system.

Payment cycle management includes:

  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Cash Application

Payment cycle management is an automated invoice-to-cash solution that manages diverse electronic billing requirements, with flexible invoice delivery and payment options.

Why did we create Quantum?

At Billtrust, we’ve been providing invoice-to-cash solutions for the past 15 years. We’ve connected the dots and integrated these pieces under the name Quantum to make it easier for organizations to get the end-to-end solution that helps them save money, increase operational efficiency, and reduce DSO.

How can you learn more about how Quantum can help my company?

We’ve put together a few resources that can help you understand what Quantum is, and how it can help you.

Register for the Upcoming Webinar

The Digital Evolution: Quantum Payment Cycle Management

Talk with Director of Product Marketing, Natalie Silverman, to learn how Quantum will help you transition to electronic presentment and payment and make your customers happier in the process.

This webinar is scheduled for September 15, at 2pm, EST.

Register Now

Read our Quantum Press Release

Learn how Billtrust’s Quantum Payment Cycle Management solution helps A/R teams accelerate cash flow, improve operational efficiency, and increase transparency through automation.

Read the Press Release

Explore the Billtrust Website

The Billtrust website has information to help you understand how Quantum can help your organization improve operational efficiency while you increase cash flow and save on overall A/R costs.

Read our Latest eBook on Payment Cycle Management

Learn more about how payment cycle management works and why automation is allows you to achieve more, faster, while making your customers happier.

Download the eBook

Article By Adina Rubin, Content Writer at Billtrust

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