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Manufacturer uses the power of their peer network to streamline their customer approval process
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The Challenge

As a leading technology manufacturer and provider of audio and video products, advanced electronics and digital solutions for automotive, aviation, marine and home applications, this global company needed better access to customer data. They needed up-to-date information without spending time and money to gather that data from individual references. They also needed one trusted source where they would get firmographic information, validation of company information (including corporate registration and public records), scores and trade information.

The Solution

This organization decided to partner with Billtrust, the leader in B2B order-to-cash solutions, because their Billtrust Credit solution offered live credit data from a network of industry peers. From the beginning, they wanted to ensure that not only would Billtrust’s credit data network provide real-time insights on larger customers, but also the smaller businesses where credit reference information may be less available.


“In our industry, it’s always important to look for new ways to innovate and evolve old processes. That’s exactly what we found with Billtrust Credit, and we couldn’t be happier!”

Paul Setteducati,
Director of Credit

The Results

Billtrust now provides exactly what this business needed in a personalized package. Their internal credit team can now access a diverse network of trade data covering customers of all sizes and industry types. They no longer have to wade through pages of fluff trade and referential data when it comes time to approve a customer for credit. Their team can easily access complete, concise information in real-time and in a simple reported manner.

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