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S.W. Anderson

HVAC distributor simplifies processes and improves customer satisfaction




Customer Satisfaction

The Challenge

For nearly 60 years, S.W. Anderson has been a landmark wholesale HVAC distributor, supplying commercial and residential building contractors not only with equipment and supplies, but also valuable expertise and technical information.

Since it was founded in 1955 on Long Island, S.W. Anderson’s business has changed dramatically and now has nine field offices located throughout the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania area. One particular aspect of the company’s operations hadn’t changed since the day it opened its doors: the process of sending out invoices.

The Solution

Within a month, S.W. Anderson’s billing system was integrated with Billtrust. The wholesaler retained Billtrust for printing and mailing its paper invoices, relieving them of having to print, fold, stuff, and mail their invoices. With Billtrust’s bullpenning capabilities, S.W. Anderson can monitor and consolidate their invoices so that their customers don’t receive as many mailings for low-dollar amounts. The solution automatically manages the process, holding off until a specific date or dollar amount is reached. 

The Results

With Billtrust, S.W. Anderson employees can now track and view the up-to-date delivery status of invoices for any customer account. They’ve lowered the overall spending costs on postage as well as improved their customer satisfaction. Finally, Billtrust allows them to store PDF versions of every invoice sent out, which centralizes and simplifies many internal processes such as resends, auditing as well as any legal issues that may arise.

“With Billtrust, customer satisfaction has gone up. Errors have gone down, customers get invoices quicker, and we get paid sooner.” 

Mike Anderson, President, S.W. Anderson

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