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Planning Your Composable Approach to Order-to-Cash in Service-Centric Enterprises.

Planning Your Composable Approach to Order-to-Cash in Service-Centric Enterprises

Innovative businesses are taking a composable approach to their mission-critical applications, including order-to-cash. Composable applications feature a plug-and-play architecture that enables flexible, swappable components. This allows businesses to design workflows that are better tailored to their operational needs. 

Unfortunately, many organizations are still using either legacy, or unorganized hybrid application environments to support their order-to-cash operations. 

This research by Gartner® provides leaders in service-centric industries with a framework with which to modernize their order-to-cash processes. 

Key findings in the report:

  • Scoping an O2C application architecture requires the O2C business process to be dissected into components.
  • A composable O2C architecture can’t be developed unless you know the options you have for sourcing and integrating the application components. Most organizations will end up with multiple vendors and applications.
  • Moving into a composable, cloud-based O2C architecture will put you on the path to continuous business improvement.

Recommendations made in the report:

  • Avoid an incomplete O2C plan by determining targets for your best practice O2C business processes, then match application components to those business processes.
  • Use the chart in this research to scope your O2C plans, which should provide a 60% to 80% foundation as you scope your composable application O2C components.
  • Take a composable approach to O2C by considering all options for application selection (including best-of-breed, vertical, and if needed, custom development).

For more findings, recommendations and guidance from Gartner®, download the complete report.

Gartner, Planning Your Composable Approach to Order-to-Cash in Service-Centric Enterprises, 4 February 2022

John Van Decker, Tim Faith

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