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Accepting card payments

Many B2B suppliers are wary of accepting card payments. The benefits of guaranteed funds, fast settlement and even satisfying buyer preferences have not balanced out the high costs of interchange fees in the calculations of many suppliers. But when cash flow becomes a concern for buyers and suppliers, the equation can change. Billtrust predicts that accepting card payments will become a strategic necessity and we are committed to helping businesses accept card payments easily, securely and economically.

In times of reduced cash flow, SMBs need to keep what cash they have on hand for essentials like payroll, and to push out non-essential expenses for as long as possible as they adjust their models to get revenue flowing again.

Card payments offer a solution

For buyers, card payments are a lifeline. They feature a built-in credit line and float (with 30 days to pay their card provider) as well as the ability to make partial payments while they rebuild their revenue streams.

For the supplier, card offers guaranteed funds with quick settlement. But, most importantly in times of reduced cash flow, card payments will allow many customers to pay their suppliers when they otherwise could not.

Billtrust will make card work for your business

Business Payments Network (BPN), Billtrust’s supplier-driven payment network has the ability to automate 3rd party payments (helping maintain PCI compliance with a remote work force) and lower the costs of accepting card payments. If your business is a portal customer, but has not yet turned on card payments, contact us and we will help you to begin economically accepting card immediately.

For new customers or existing Billtrust customers that don’t have a portal, Billtrust can get your business accepting card payments within a one to two week timeframe. Deployment is fast, easy and guided end-to-end by our expert implementation team. 

Billtrust is offering an unprecedented suite of solutions that will aggregate and automate your payments across ALL channels and lower your costs of payment acceptance.

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