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Customer Portal Automation

The best way to automate invoice processing

As many suppliers are aware, the proliferation of online A/P portals over the past several years has created additional manual work for invoicing teams. In many cases, buyers insist that their suppliers invoice them through these portals, creating additional work for already over-extended teams. A/R teams are forced to manually key invoices into potentially dozens of online portals. 

Compounding this, most A/R teams are not optimized for remote work, though the business environment may make it a necessity. There are several challenges to getting A/R teams ready to work remote:

  • Many teams rely on desktop computers and lack access to laptops, VPN and other remote work tools required to do their tasks from home. 
  • Under normal circumstances, close collaboration among individuals is necessary to get through the workload. Dispersed teams find it challenging to remain efficient and productive when they aren’t co-located.
  • Paper invoices that have been mailed to an office location may be irretrievable, requiring additional interaction with buyers and adding time to the order-to-cash process.

Billtrust can help

They currently send invoices for 360 customers to 37 A/P systems.  One person on their Credit team is consumed by this for several weeks each month”

Billtrust relationship manager

We hear this type of feedback from customers all the time. The demands from buyers to use portals keep coming and A/R teams struggle to keep up and deliver a good customer experience.

Customer Portal Automation (CPA) can remove the manual keying work from A/R teams and quickly get your invoices uploaded and ready for payment. We can work with any A/P portal your buyers are using, in addition to the 100+ portals we already support today. Let us take this work off your team’s plate and free them to focus on more urgent, value-added tasks.

Getting started is easy

If your business is already working with Billtrust invoicing, adding portal automation is easy. We have your billing file to work with and there is minimal effort required from your team to turn on CPA.

If you’re not using Billtrust invoicing today, we can still quickly set you up on CPA. Once we have your billing file, we can enable you with minimal support needed from your team.

In either scenario, we can get you set-up on CPA in a matter of weeks.

How it works

Once we have your billing file, our experts can get to work designing an optimal automation strategy for your buyers’ portals. We are already connected with over 100+ A/P portals today and we can work with any portals that your buyers are using. We will get your invoices posted within 24 hours with no manual intervention required from your team. Billtrust will optimize your file to get your invoices posted in the most efficient manner so you can get paid as quickly as possible.

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