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Delivering faster payments for transportation companies

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The rise of AP portal adoption (including freight audit & payment companies) has made getting paid more complicated for transportation companies.

Major customers are asking you to feed invoices into their AP portals. Navisphere, Cass, USBank/Syncada, Wilson, Data 2, CHRW, Bluejay, Mode, Technical Traffic, Costco and Walmart have all adopted AP portals.

Accounts Receivable teams need to maintain login credentials to dozens of portals, follow complex invoicing rules for each (non-EDI) customer and then return to those portals again and again to check on payment statuses and to download remittances. This process is complicated and adds frustration to the jobs of AR teams.

Billtrust recognizes that our transportation customers get the world’s cargo where it needs to go. Our job is to get their invoices and payments where they need to go — so they can get on with business.

Billtrust works with over 75 transportation companies with over $225B in total revenue

  • 9 of the top 15 OTR companies
  • 3 of the top railroads
  • 18 of the top 25 LTL companies
  • 4 of the top 10 TL companies
  • 8 of the top 15 brokers

Billtrust navigates the AP portals for you

We can remove the manual keying work from AR teams and quickly get your invoices uploaded and ready for payment. We can work with any AP portal your buyers are using, in addition to the 175+ portals we already support today.

And our solution is bi-directional, so you can get payment statuses without having to log into the portal yourself.

Everything happens on a single user interface. You upload your invoices and they are automatically formatted and sent to your customers portal. We check on the invoices in regular intervals and deliver their statuses to you. You’ll receive a daily report that you can import into your collections or ERP system on the progress of your invoices towards payment.

There is no easier way to get paid by customers using AP portals.

Billtrust standardizes remittances for easy cash application

Remittances and payments don’t arrive at the same time. The payment hits your bank, while the remit is emailed or must be retrieved from a portal. This creates manual work.

The problem can be compounded when accepting payment from large aggregators like Cass, Syncada or Trax. One payment could be paying multiple invoices from multiple customers.

Our solution is the only cash application tool on the market that simplifies your most complex customer payments by taking large, complex remittance data from disparate sources and standardizing it for easy and automated cash application.

The Digital Lockbox

Billtrust offers a first in cash application: the Digital Lockbox. It’s a single destination for all of your digital payments. The Digital Lockbox is an email address where your buyers can send (or where you can redirect) their automated clearing house (ACH) remittance advice, accounts payable portals, EDI, and virtual card payments. The BPN can extract these remittances from over 175 AP portals on a daily basis. Billtrust Cash Application automatically processes and applies virtual card payments and retrieves ACH remit info and matches that data to payments hitting your bank.

Mobile Deposit Capture puts field workers into the cash application workflow

Mobile Deposit for Cash Application enables your on-the-road employees to quickly and easily deposit check payments on the same day using an iOS or Android device.

How transportation companies are benefiting from Billtrust

regardless of customer expectations: Mail, Email, EIPP and Third-Party Portal invoice delivery

Downloading of AP portal payment statuses from 3rd party portals, automated customer communications, deliver 3X the account coverage with same resources

with EIPP offering for small to mid-sized customers for self service invoice retrieval and payments resulting in DSO reduction and increase cash application accuracy

resulting in reduced labor costs, reduced bank costs, and simplified cash application processes

Billtrust Cash Application benefits for Transportation:

Ability to handle payments from large aggregators
for multiple buyers, e.g. Cass, Syncada, Trax

Simplify cash application roles
by organizing work in one system (user interface) vs. having to work in an ERP, multiple transportation management systems, multiple inboxes

Eliminate manual keying
of remittances for electronic payments, eliminating bank keying costs

Automate download of remittances
from third-party portals, EDI or customers, e.g. PaymodeX, Large buyers, Wells Fargo

Automate identification
of standard short paid fees, e.g. fuel surcharge, accessorials (liftgates, lumper charges)

Machine Learning model
trained in transportation and our customers’ data that allows more flexibility in matching logic

Dedicated team
familiar with the intricate details of transportation AR to help update configurations and best practices to improve match rates

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