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Solution guide

Solving AR challenges for medical suppliers

Connect procure-to-pay suites of medical buyers with automated order-to-cash solutions

The rise of AP portals and the growing set of healthcare providers that have adopted procureto-pay suites has made getting paid more complicated for Medical Suppliers like you.

As AP providers gain market share with large healthcare providers, suppliers face enormous pressure to accept credit cards for fear of losing their customers. AP providers want Medical Suppliers to enroll in their unique programs in order to get paid and push hard for you to accept cards.

In some cases, that’s because the AP providers are also credit card issuers. Or they partner with issuers who make money on interchange fees and incentivize buyers with rebates.

Billtrust recognizes that Medical Suppliers need AR automation solutions that radically simplify complex transactions. With Billtrust, you can provide customers with flexible payment options and integrate with card issuers with 100% PCIcompliant straight-through processing.

Our job is to make it easier for you to deliver invoices into portals and capture payments with automated and accurate order-to-cash solutions.

billtrust bpn order-to-cash procure-to-pay diagram

Billtrust navigates the AP portals for you

We remove the manual keying work from AR teams and quickly get your invoices uploaded and ready for payment. Billtrust’s Business Payments Network (BPN) can connect with any accounts payable (AP) portal used by your buyers, plus the 175+ portals we already support today.

And our solution is bi-directional, so you can get statuses without logging into the portal yourself. Upload your invoices and they’re automatically formatted and sent to your customer’s portal. We check on the invoices at regular intervals and deliver their statuses to you. You’ll receive a daily report on the progress of your invoices towards payment you can import into your collections or ERP system.

There’s no easier way to get paid by your customers who use AP portals.

Make getting paid with virtual credit cards radically simpler

Automate the acceptance and processing of emailed credit card payments: Let BPN eliminate the burden of pulling customer payments out of Outlook or Gmail.

Provide your customers with self-service payment options to pay their way, and reduce your DSO. Provide your customers with a hosted payments page where they can enter their own card payments via a secure portal and a secure virtual terminal for payments by phone.

The Digital Lockbox

Billtrust offers a first in cash application: the Digital Lockbox. It’s a single destination for all of your digital payments. The Digital Lockbox is an email address where your buyers can send (or where you can redirect) their automated clearing house (ACH) remittance advice, accounts payable portals, EDI and virtual card payments.

BPN can extract these remittances from over 175 distinct AP portals. Billtrust Cash Application automatically processes and applies virtual card payments, retrieves ACH remit info and matches that data to payments hitting your bank.

How you’ll benefit from Billtrust

  • Reduce the time and cost associated with delivering invoices regardless of customer expectations: Mail, email, EIPP and third-party portal invoice delivery.
  • Avoid long IT projects to integrate with customer systems and processes.
  • Enhance customer experiences with EIPP offering for self-service invoice retrieval and payments, resulting in DSO reduction and increased cash application accuracy.
  • Collections automation and dispute workflow: Downloading of AP portal payment statuses from third party portals, automated customer communications, delivering 3X the account coverage with the same resources.
  • Increased accuracy and shortened time to apply cash, resulting in reduced labor costs, reduced bank BILLTRUST | costs and simplified cash application processes.

See our case studies:

Medical equipment supplier

Healthcare distributor drives savings and efficiency for processing virtual customer payments

In annual fees

Through BPN in 2020
Through BPN in 2020

To other strategic initiatives

Medical research lab

Medical research provider scales business and finds savings with Billtrust’s BPN virtual credit card automation.

Monthly through BPN

Monthly through BPN
$40,000 SAVED
Monthly in fees and labor cost



Medical distributor saves through BPN

Annual savings

2.9% to 2.1%
Card processing rate drop
Customer experience

In transactions in 6 months

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