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White Paper

White paper

[Transportation] Digitize to thrive

The transportation and logistics sector is capable of spectacular innovation, yet it hasn’t addressed the digitization of its core business processes. In the global race to digitize, the transportation sector is falling behind.

A main cause of slow digitization is fragmented, manual businesses processes, such as outdated approaches to the order-to-cash cycle, which are unnecessarily time-consuming and costly.

While things are slowly improving, the industry historically has been reluctant to invest in IT, and the majority of firms are still weighed down by manual processes for credit checking, invoicing and cash collection.

Transportation companies need to accelerate the pace at which they digitize these processes, or they could find themselves disrupted by new digital entrants.

This white paper explains how to avoid that. By integrating accounts receivable automation, transportation companies can increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and strengthen business finances.

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