The Billtrust eCommerce Difference

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In this competitive eCommerce marketplace, there are a lot of claims being thrown around about features and capabilities. Here is some clarity:


  Billtrust eCommerce Competition
Truly Holistic A real holistic product in that everything we sell is developed by us and supported by us in the USA, backed by the resources of Billtrust. Typically a combination of third-party products, making it difficult to resolve issues or receive good tech support and requires licensing with multiple software providers.
Industry- Focused Leverage years of skills, experience, and proven success with distributors and manufacturers. We truly understand the unique needs of wholesale. Neither retrofitted B2C solutions nor ERP developed solutions can handle the ever changing complexities of wholesale distributors and manufacturers.
Long-Term Viability Chosen exclusively by the largest buying group, IMARK (1500 members), as their eCommerce and PIM provider. If affiliated to any buying group, how long and how many customers? If not, why not?
Value Proposition Three tiers of solutions so you can pick the price point that works for your budget. Either over-priced and they remove features to bring their price down or underpriced and they don’t provide a long term solution to build on.
Technology Leader in cloud technology for eCommerce: AWS EKS (Kubernetes) on a Java / Linux platform for speed, scalability, reliability and constant updates. Usually on a Windows platform, locking you into a fading Microsoft technology.
Order-to-Cash Part of a complete Order-to-Cash platform. Ready to automate 1000’s of invoices and online payments. Not connected to the rest of your AR process.
Integration Integrated tightly to the leading ERP solutions to streamline order fulfillment, workflow and account management. No duplication of work outside the ERP. Poor integration means inconsistent data, manual order processing and account management, and a poor customer experience.
Support Project management, live training, self- guided resources, dedicated client success manager, quarterly business reviews, and data analytics all via Billtrust eCommerce. Unresponsive, slow, may require multiple support personnel from different companies (or even other countries)

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