Six reasons to build your webstore with Billtrust

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Billtrust offers webstores for distributors and manufacturers to accelerate online revenue growth, scale seamlessly and optimize your customer experience.

If you think that launching a webstore is beyond the means of your team, then you aren’t thinking Billtrust Order.

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Turnkey eCommerce solution

If you think that launching a webstore is beyond the means of your team, then you aren’t thinking Billtrust Order. Billtrust Order (powered by Second Phase) creates webstores for distributors and manufacturers within a software as a service (SaaS) model. That means we build your store, integrate it with your ERP and continually maintain, support and upgrade your webstore for a reasonable monthly fee. Minimize your IT staffing needs and maximize your ROI with a SaaS webstore from Billtrust Order.

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One-click product rendering

How many of your customers' orders are actually reorders? Save your customers and your sales staff time with Billtrust Order’s Quickbuy, Buying Group and Repeat Order features. Customers can save and repeat orders for common projects with just a few clicks.

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Deep ERP integrations

Billtrust eCommerce integrates directly with the following ERP solutions for real time pricing, availability, order processing, tracking and much more: Ximple®, Epicor® Eclipse, Epicor® P21, Infor® SXe, Quickbooks® Enterprise/Online and Acumatica®. All other ERP and accounting systems use our batch integration.

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Unique pricing and estimate building

Billtrust understands that every distributor and manufacturer is unique. That’s why we offer 3 levels of webstores to fit every need and budget. Each level is designed with the needs of B2B distributors and manufacturers in mind. We put you in control of your budget by never asking you to pay for feature levels that you don’t need.

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Custom feature development

No one knows your customers better than you. If you’ve got an idea for a webstore feature that will connect with your customers and help you stand apart from the competition, we’d love to build it for you.

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