5 Steps to Increase your Collections Success

On-Demand Webinar

Even if you’ve got the order-to-cash cycle figured out, there will always be customers who have trouble paying their bills. Collecting these open receivables should be as straightforward as possible with a minimal drag on your team.

In our webinar, 5 Steps to Increase your Collections Success, we’ll share ways to reach more customers with less effort, strengthen customer relationships and address the lack of visibility, all while getting paid faster.

Key takeaways: 

  • Why communication with customers and departments within the company is key and ways to get organized
  • How to enhance transparency into where your receivables are
  • The power of AI in cash forecasting and collections management
  • How automation gives you (back) complete control of your workday
  • A collections process your customers will love

Billtrust Collections revolutionizes how collectors do their daily work. Our upgraded solution is now simpler, smarter and more intuitive than ever. Think automated collections management, centralized communications, intelligent collection workflows and tailored activities to each customer.

Speaker Image

John Floyd

Senior Business Consultant, Billtrust

John has 20+ years’ experience in Credit and Collections. As a consultant John helps companies develop and optimize their debt management program. Through his collections professional training, he cultivates a customer-centric approach to collections.