The Payments Spectrum Past, Present, Future

White Paper

What are the current options for B2B buyers and sellers, and what’s a potentially better model?

The greatest challenge for B2B businesses is optimizing cash flow while accommodating customer payment preferences. There is a spectrum of available payment options available, each with its own tradeoff between speed, ease of use and cost.

The current B2B payments spectrum consists of three segments: 

  • Cheap and slow (check and ACH)
  • Moderately-priced and fast (credit cards) 
  • Expensive and instantaneous (third-party guarantors) 

If managed correctly, with the right AR technology, there’s opportunity to expand the use of credit cards in B2B accounts receivable. Beyond this lies the developing possibility of third-party guarantors, including fintech providers, who will enable nearly instantaneous payment.

In this paper, we’ll explore this future state of payments and see how it sheds light on the decisions businesses make today around accepting credit card payments.

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