The Rise of DIY in AR

White Paper

Empower accounts receivable teams with self-service options and deliver the experiences your customers are demanding
White paper

Discover the benefits of self-service options in accounts receivable (AR) teams in our white paper “The Rise of DIY in AR.”

Self-service software enables customers to find information and solutions on their own, without needing assistance. It's a trend that's becoming increasingly important for B2B buyers who are seeking convenient and speedy resolutions. We are even at a point where a company’s failure to provide self-service resources can lead to a significant decrease in buyer interest.

Customers love self-service because it can reduce AR team workload, improve efficiency, and provide better experiences.

So when you’re looking at a solution for your AR processes, make sure that self-serve is at the center of everything offered. What types of self-service are possible in accounts receivable? What capabilities should your AR solution offer? An answer to these questions is what you’ll find in this white paper.

Our white paper highlights the types of self-service available in AR, the capabilities that AR solutions should offer, and steps to take when introducing self-service resources in your team. The road to adopting self-service is not always smooth, but our white paper can help guide you through it.