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So many tickets. So little time. From myriad employee requests to major platform migrations, it’s hard for IT managers to keep up with every department’s new technology needs.

But, somehow, you manage. You know the right digital transformations keep your company competitive. So, it’s up to you to make sure any new technology does what it’s supposed to do. Without disrupting business or upending any other systems.

When it comes to transforming your company’s accounts receivable (AR) processes, you need people and services that support the vision and understand the challenges. With more than 20 years of experience pushing the AR technology curve, Billtrust works seamlessly with your accounting and IT teams to ensure your digital solution is efficient and effective at launch — and far beyond.

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The Billtrust suite of solutions removes the complexity of AR processes through automation and machine learning. SaaS solutions, each taking relatively little time to implement, are accessible globally, and quickly provide a valuable return on investment. Billtrust solutions help your company meet organizational goals, control costs and DSO (days sales outstanding), and provide customers with a better experience managing their bills, payments, and more. 

  • Cloud-based solutions mean AR processes and reports are always available
  • White-label customer-facing solutions are fully brandable
  • Customer data is secure and private; Billtrust solutions are PCI-compliant
  • Solutions adhere to global e-invoicing mandates
  • eCommerce offers prebuilt, turnkey solutions for webstores with online sales, invoicing, and payments
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Clearly, accounting and IT are vastly different roles. But combined, they create an essential system for collecting, storing, managing, processing, retrieving, and reporting your company’s financial successes and challenges. Everyone — from the c-suite to department leadership and business analysts to sales teams — relies on a secure, reliable, confidential accounting and IT infrastructure to compete, grow, and scale. 

But implementation of any new accounts receivable application or platform is no small feat. With more than 5,000 successful implementations, Billtrust reps speak your language, understand your time constraints, and help to mitigate risk at every step. 

Standard data files and prebuilt PDF templates make integration seamless with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Eclipse, NSA for Infor, Karmak, Workday and Procede. Integrations with scores of other ERP, vendor management, and customer management systems are just as streamlined when data file formats and other requirements are shared between teams. 

Billtrust Services is also always available to help, advise, or even embed with your organization to ensure you get the best results — regardless of your limited bandwidth.