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Save on Invoice Printing Costs

Are Expensive Invoice Printing Costs Holding You Back?

Printing invoices and statements is time-consuming and costly. If you print invoices yourself, not only will you pay top dollar for paper, toner, and stamps, your AR team will waste time stuffing envelopes. Use an outsourced printer and you have no way of tracking delivery, accuracy, or know if you’re getting the best price. The longer it takes you to print and send your invoices using either method, the longer you’ll wait for customers to pay your invoices.

In-house or outsourced, your manual print process is causing you to miss out on cost-saving measures such as:

Invoice design and saving on printing costs

Smart-sorting invoices allows for greater postage savings

Bullpenning low-value invoices and sending them together to save on postage

Dual barcode technology to prevent sending customers the wrong invoices

Invoice delivery smart tracking to ensure delivery date and time

Route invoices to closer U.S. print centers for speedier delivery

eAdoption practices to transition customers to electronic invoice delivery

NCOA Address cleansing for accurate addressing

Save on Invoice Printing Costs

Expensive invoice printing costs eat away at your bottom line.  Billtrust can help you save money and time throughout the entire invoice process.

Choose Billtrust for Invoice Delivery and Save as much as 35%

When it comes to invoice delivery, we’re the experts. Billtrust has been helping organizations save on invoicing for more than 15 years. When you choose Billtrust, we’ll help you implement proven best practices to save on printing costs. We will also work with you to transition your customers to electronic invoice delivery for even greater savings.

Billtrust can help you can save up to 35% or more overall on your AR costs while accelerating your cash flow and reducing DSO. Here’s how.

Save on Invoice Delivery, Payments and Cash Application with Quantum Payment Cycle Management

Billtrust Quantum is an end-to-end, cloud-based solution for the invoice-to-cash process that will accelerate your cash flow through automation.

When you bring Quantum solutions to your AR team, they get the ability to manage invoicing, payments and cash application strategically while the solution handles the repetitive tasks quickly and securely.


Quantum Invoicing

Fast, tailored invoice delivery to ensure customers receive invoices the way they want! Send invoices via print, email, online portal or AP systems.


Quantum Payments

Accept payments securely across multiple channels, including paper check, ACH or credit cards.


Quantum Cash Application

Use robotic process automation and supervised machine-learning technology to intelligently match payments from multiple sources quickly and accurately.

Quantum automatically processes data files sent from any ERP, and sends payment information back to your ERP for a seamlessly efficient invoice-to-cash process. Best of all, you’ll have access to dashboards to gain transparency into your cash and keep it flowing.

“By deploying Billtrust, Probuild has removed the tedious work of delivering invoices and statements to our customers, saving us money in the process, and freeing up our team to focus more on managing customer relationships and boosting revenue.”

Demi Minos, Sr. Project Manager, Information Technology

How much can you save in your invoice-to-cash process?
Use our payment cycle management cost savings checklist to identify cost savings you may have missed.

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