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Solution Guides

Learn about how the Billtrust suite of order-to-cash solutions can help your business thrive. 

solution guides | eAdoption

Electronic Adoption: Taking the paper out of billing and payments

The need to move invoicing and payments activity from the realm of paper envelopes and checks to the digital world is stronger than ever. Learn how your business can invoice and accept payments from all of your customers digitally. 

Payments Solutions

solution guides | Payments

Accepting card payments

In a low cash flow environment, accepting credit card payments will allow some of your customers to pay who could not otherwise. Billtrust can help you to easily begin accepting card payments while automating your cash application. We can also help lower the costs of acceptance.

solution GUIDES | Payments

Adding payment channels & automation to increase cash flow

The smart strategy to increase cash flow in a disrupted economic environment is to open more payment channels for your customers. Billtrust’s Business Payments Network (BPN) can help.

Invoicing Solutions

solution GUIDES | Invoicing

Customer Portal Automation

Many buyers insist that your A/R team invoice them through proprietary A/P portals. This manual work can be a resource drain at best, and at worst, it can seriously stall your ability to push invoices. Billtrust can interface with your customer’s A/P portals automatically and keep business moving.

solution GUIDES | Invoicing

Reduce in-house dependence on printing and mailing invoices

Managing your company’s invoicing printing and mail services in-house can be tough. And as businesses become more reliant on remote workers, getting invoices printed and out the door — and getting paid quickly — can be a major challenge. Billtrust is here to help.

solution GUIDES | Invoicing

Customer experience is more important than ever

Communicating with your customers is essential to maintain a good customer experience. At Billtrust, we design our products and solutions with your customers in mind and give you the flexibility to adapt to the current business environment in a way that makes sense for your business and your customers. 

Credit Solutions

solution GUIDES | Credit

The modern credit manager’s toolkit

Organizations of all sizes are refining their credit policies to match the current economic client. Critical metrics like cash flow have become less predictable. In response, many A/R leaders are re-assessing their order-to-cash toolbox and identifying potential areas of improvement.

Cash Application Solutions

solution GUIDES | Cash Application

Cash is king – more than ever

In times of economic uncertainty, suppliers need to maximize their cash flow while buyers’ payment preferences move toward credit cards. Accounts receivable automation can help align their interests. Automatically match payments across all channels with open invoices and accelerate the business cycle. 

Collections Solutions

solution GUIDES | Collections

5 tips to collect outstanding receivables

Learn how accounts receivable automation can help strategically guide the activities of collectors, deliver reports to management and keep remote teams on track. 


solution GUIDES | ecommerce

Enabling your customers to order remotely

Wholesale distributors rely on strong customer relationships. Making personal connections and delivering great service have long been hallmarks of the sector. But maintaining these relationships will require different tactics as the pace of business accelerates. The ability to serve customers digitally is the key to maintaining business viability. 

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