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Automated solutions to Vendor Management System challenges

Billtrust empowers payroll professionals to automate cash application processes and increase straight-through processing with machine learning models that accelerate cash flow.

Get remittance fast

Automate remittance capture from over 250 VMS and AP portals.

Match payments with imperfect remittance

Billtrust’s Cash Application’s character-based matching engine can match payments regardless of name spelling variations, incorrect dates or inaccurate amounts.

Easy exception handling

Our high match rates ensure few exceptions. But for payments that need intervention, our smart exception handling workspace resolves most in a few clicks.

AR Resources for Staffing Firms

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Blog Post

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White paper

Automating AR for staffing firms

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Solution Guide

Solution guide

Revolutionize cash application integration with VMS portals

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How staffing agencies use Billtrust to improve their AR process

Learn how an employment company automated cash application with VMS portals

Projected for 3 years


AR automation is ready to help your business