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Essentials Training For Billtrust Client Connect
Client Connect Essentials Training

Join us for a one-hour webinar and your AR and customer support team will learn to use Client Connect. Find out how to respond to invoicing inquiries from your customers and how to view exact images of your customers’ invoices in a PDF file format. Students will also learn how to quickly email multiple copies of invoices, research invoice issues, set up messages to appear on invoices, or even accept payments!

Essentials Training For Billtrust Cash App
Cash App Essentials Training

Join us for a one hour and thirty minute webinar and your accounts receivable team will get a high-level overview of Cash App. Your AR staff will learn how to navigate the solution, automatically link remittances with payments, handle exceptions, and how to handle the process of searching and matching invoices. By the end of the session your AR staff will be prepared to begin their User Acceptance Testing!

Essentials Training For Billtrust eInvoice Connect
eInvoice Connect Essentials Training

Join us for a thirty-minute webinar about eInvoice Connect. We will train your team on the full complement of features and tools your customers can use to manage and pay their invoices. Your staff will learn how your customers can research invoices by date or PO #, download invoice data into their accounting package,  short pay or dispute invoices, and of course, how your customers pay you!

Essentials Training For Billtrust Invoice Central
Invoice Central Essentials Training

Join us for this thirty-minute webinar about Invoice Central. Your customer support staff will learn about this product which offers your customers the ability to pay multiple vendor invoices in one location. Your support staff will learn how your customers can navigate this software to find your invoices, how to set up and add a vendor, and how your customers can use Invoice Central to pay anyone.

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