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Cash Flow Versus Cost of Acceptance

Become an expert at comparing total costs of payment acceptance across channels (ACH, Card & Check) to balance cash flow against cost.

In this session, we’ll discuss how considering the size of your buyers will give you valuable information about how they want to pay.

SMALL BUSINESS: These buyers often have a single-person AP team and value simplicity in their payments. They may be irregular buyers and may not see the benefits of maintaining payment portal credentials with you.

MID-MARKET: This size company generally has an AP team of 1 – 4 people and an ERP. They value dependability and are sensitive to cost.

ENTERPRISE: The largest companies have big AP teams with many automated solutions. They value consistency above all else.

Your payment policies and processes should reflect the way your customers want to do business.

Justin Main, Billtrust Vice President of Integrated Payments
Mark Shifke, Billtrust Chief Financial Officer

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