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Marrying technology and policy in your payment process

Today’s customers are adopting new forms of payment at a record pace and the amount of AP platforms supporting these continue to permeate the market. This often complicates the payment process by creating a disconnect between how the buyer and supplier each want to do business. Learn how to marry new customer payment behaviors with your own organization’s policies using technology. If leveraged properly, these same technologies can improve your internal processes overall, by:

  • Reduces exceptions from third parties, such as banks and accounts payables providers, that pay on behalf of your customers
  • Enables you to publish your preferred payment methods and terms to payables providers and reduce enrollment calls
  • Collects remittance from your customers and third parties through your current Billtrust reports and ERP files
  • Captures payments through your existing ACH and credit card settlement accounts on file with Billtrust without having to expose your account details

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