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How Cooper Electric & SmileMakers rewrote the workday

When a company makes a sale, they call it a win. But why? They’ve received an order, and anyone who’s spent even one day in the accounts receivable department knows that an order is only the first step of the order-to-cash process. The account needs to be serviced and invoiced, payment needs to be accepted, cash applied and maybe even sent to collections. 

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the workdays of AR professionals across the order-to-cash cycle and examine their most common tasks, their approaches to problem solving and the ways that intelligent software can save them time and allow them to achieve more. 

Billtrust customers will share their practitioner-level perspective on how automation has allowed them to be more productive and strategic in their daily work life. You’ll also hear from our Billtrust experts about the automation success stories they’ve helped enable. 


  • Brooke Valentine, Accounting Manager at SmileMakers
  • Melinda Kilonsky, Regional Credit Manager at Cooper Electric
  • Matt Skudera, Vice President of CRF
  • Moderated by Tom Scott

Watch the Webinar.