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Rewrite Your Workday

Accounts receivable is the powerhouse of every business. By delivering cash flow, it converts sales success into business viability. For nearly 20 years, Billtrust has studied the business of accounts receivable, the A/R process and, most importantly, the work of A/R professionals. As technology rapidly changes the way the world does business, Billtrust is dedicated to listening to the needs of those working in A/R and designing tools and solutions that help them to do their jobs more efficiently, with greater accuracy and more strategically. Join our webinar to learn more about how Billtrust is improving the lives of A/R professionals and helping them “Rewrite the Workday”  

Date: Wednesday, July 29th
Time: 2PM ET


  • Shawn Burchfield, Vice President, Solutions Consulting
  • Ralph Swackhammer, Senior Solutions Consultant

This webinar is part of a 10-part Billtrust Webinar series on Rewriting Your Workday.  

Webinar 1:  Economic Update from RSM: How COVID-19 is hurting certain industries yet accelerating digital transformation 

Date: Wednesday, April 8th
Time: 2PM ET

Webinar 2:  Reimagining A/R with a Remote Workforce 

Date: Wednesday, April 22nd 
Time: 2PM ET

Webinar 3:  How to Maintain Business Continuity and Cash Flow in an Ever-Changing Environment

Date: Wednesday, May 6th
Time: 2PM ET

Webinar 4:  The Future Of B2B Commerce: Why Digital Transformation Of Your Invoicing Processes Is Critical 

Date: Wednesday, May 20th
Time: 2PM ET

Webinar 5:  How Unifirst transformed their customer billing experience

Date: Wednesday, June 3rd
Time: 2PM ET 

Webinar 6:  State of Billtrust with CEO Flint Lane

Date: Wednesday, June 17th
Time: 2PM ET

Webinar 7:  A New Cash Application Experience 

Date: Wednesday, July 1st
Time: 2PM ET

Webinar 8:  Managing Multiple Accounts Payable Platforms 

Date: Wednesday, July 15th
Time: 2PM ET 

Webinar 9:  Rewrite Your Workday 

Date: Wednesday, July 29th
Time: 2PM ET 

Webinar 10:  TEI Results 

Date: Wednesday, August 12th 
Time: 2PM ET

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