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Surviving Post-Pandemic: The Urgency in Adopting B2B eCommerce

Manufacturers and distributors across industries are being forced to rethink their strategies.  Persistent supply chain challenges, an evolving workforce and ever-increasing customer expectations are challenging their positions in the marketplace. 

The business landscape has changed. eCommerce capabilities are now required to maintain relevancy and thrive in the evolving environment. 

B2B ecommerce sales have drastically outpaced retail. Forrester predicted that U.S. B2B ecommerce will reach $9 trillion by the end of 2021 compared to less than $3 trillion for retail.

This session will feature an interactive discussion between Billtrust eCommerce and those who have faced these challenges head on, and explores how ecommerce is paving a path towards success for B2B organizations, including helping them manage supply chain and inventory issues, adapting to an evolving workforce, meeting the needs of today’s millennial buyers and much more.

Tyler Tworek
Manager of eCommerce Customer Success, Billtrust


  • Michael Campbell, Lee Supply Corporation
  • Greg Dunham, Green Line Hose & Fittings Ltd
  • Susan Mason, Springfield Electric

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