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Managing the accounts receivable function is extremely important for your construction firm. In essence, your day-to-day operations depend on it. While emerging technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM), drones, robotics, and augmented reality are already part of the future of building construction, fewer than half of the firms are using automated AR processes.

Automated AR processes can help construction firms reduce payment delays, ensure a healthy cash flow, and free up staff time. Automating payments and invoicing gives your team better control over the order-to-cash cycle, enabling your firm to have cash-on-hand to finance that next big project.

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Cash flow management is vital.

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Construction projects often require substantial upfront investments, and having sufficient cash on hand ensures the ability to cover expenses, pay subcontractors and suppliers, and fund ongoing projects. But accounting processes within the construction industry have traditionally been labor-intensive, relying on extensive paperwork.

At Billtrust, we refuse to let payment acceptance challenges, slow exception resolution, and time-consuming accounts receivable practices compromise your revenue stream. That's why we've built cutting-edge accounts receivable technology.

With the comprehensive suite of solutions offered by Billtrust, you can streamline operations by offering online invoice delivery, automating ACH and credit card payments, and providing around-the-clock account monitoring and management.

These advancements dramatically simplify and expedite our accounts receivable processes, resulting in consistent cash flow and the financial flexibility necessary to propel your construction firm forward.

Types of construction firms and material suppliers that benefit from Billtrust solutions

Billtrust works with over 350 construction firms and material suppliers across multiple industries. 

How construction firms and their material suppliers are leveraging AR technology from Billtrust

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