Grow business relationships — and revenue — as a Billtrust Partner


You know your customers better than anyone. You’re aware of their pain points, bottlenecks, and maybe even their struggles with getting paid. While you work to address their tech or process issues, you’re often asked for advice that might be beyond your scope.

Now, you have the means to help resolve your customers’ accounts receivable (AR) challenges through technology and financial expertise they might not have previously considered.

Become a Billtrust Partner, and confidently advocate for order-to-cash efficiency that controls costs and accelerates cash flow. You’ll grow your own business, too, as you explore new verticals, earn commissions, and increase recurring revenue streams.

Become a Billtrust Partner
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Partnership has its advantages

Partnering with Billtrust deepens your relationships with customers, unlocks new business opportunities, and gives you a competitive edge.

Who partners with Billtrust?

From global enterprises to niche businesses, Billtrust Partners offer an impressive value-add by referring or reselling modern AR solutions.
Corporate man and woman walking down the front stairs of an office building

Financial institutions

Corporate man and woman walking down the front stairs of an office building

Banks and card networks of all sizes

Extend your business value and portfolio by enabling frictionless, end-to-end AR for all your customers. They will realize cash faster, reduce costs, and eliminate mistakes.

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Technology providers

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Software developers, ERPs, DOPs and other FinTechs

Create a new revenue source when you delight customers with easy-to-use, seamless solutions for AR and B2B payments. Your partnership with Billtrust goes the extra step to help you get the word out through joint marketing campaigns.

Three professionals having a discussion around a table

Industry, consulting and services organizations

Three professionals having a discussion around a table

Resellers, Consultants, Systems Integrations and Buying Groups

The technology landscape is always changing for suppliers and buyers. Stay ahead of your competition by partnering with a leading AR solution.

To help your customers succeed, Billtrust helps you succeed

In addition to working with exceptional AR solutions, you’ll have the assistance of dedicated Partner Success Managers, receive robust training, and enjoy options for co-branded marketing assets so that you can confidently advocate for Billtrust.

Access the Partner Portal to:

  • Register leads
  • Track pipeline
  • Download marketing collateral

Training and solution certifications through Billtrust Education are also available in the Partner Portal and will deepen your knowledge so you can further engage your customers.