Transportation companies get the green light with automated AR solutions


When it’s your business to keep people and products moving smoothly, a bottleneck in accounts receivable (AR) can stall cash flow and limit your customers’ purchasing power. Slow payment processes, bogged down by myriad portal preferences and mismatched remittance data, can bring everything to a full stop.

Billtrust offers a suite of AR solutions for the transportation industry that drives digital payments and accelerates cash flow through automation, machine learning, and RPA (robotic process automation). Your cargo goes where it’s supposed to go. Now your invoices and payments will, too.

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Resolve the logistical nightmare of outdated AR processes

Transportation Industry Highway

Leading transportation companies count on the Billtrust suite of automated AR solutions for a frictionless order-to-cash journey.

Much like a dispatcher guiding a fleet from one location to another, Billtrust ensures that invoices and payments go to the right place at the right time — and all from behind the scenes — with Business Payments Network (BPN). Regardless of customers’ payment preferences and portal logins, BPN enables you to respect their processes while providing you with a single user interface that simplifies your job.

Manual keying is eliminated and accuracy is nearly flawless thanks to BPN Invoicing. Even the most complex, aggregated payments from Cass, Syncada, or Trax are easily matched to the right invoice and customer.

Billtrust works with over 150 transportation companies supporting the unique industry needs, including: