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There is nothing more important to all of us at Billtrust than our partnership. You are an innovator and a leader in your field. You have reached your goals, streamlined your processes and have achieved results. Now let us enhance the value of our relationship and shine the spotlight on you and your company's success.

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Program Benefits

Billtrust's Customer Advocacy Program empowers businesses to elevate their success, inspire product innovation, discover insights, and network globally for enhanced brand recognition.

Ways to participate

Our goal is to make your participation as simple and easy as possible for you. Our program is designed to allow you to pick and choose the activities that you feel bring the most value to you and your organization and align best with your business goals.

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    Customer References

    Connect with prospective Billtrust customers and share your success story.
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    Case Studies

    Showcase your success in print with your impactful stories.
  • Billtrust community icon

    Billtrust Community

    Collaborate and network with Billtrust and peers on our platform.
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    Video Testimonials

    Share your success journey, capturing the essence of your achievements on film.
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    Media Activities

    Collaborate on press releases and articles with our Communications team.
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    Share your success through quotes in marketing materials and events.
  • Webinars icon


    Share expertise, tell your story, and contribute to diverse insights.
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    Analyst Activities

    Start a conversation with an industry analyst to discuss a wide range of insights.
  • Public Speaking icon

    Public Speaking

    Share your story at events and industry roundtables to position yourself as an industry expert.
  • Advisory Board icon

    Advisory Board

    Participate on an advisory board or council to contribute valuable insights.
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When to join?

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We aim to strategically position you for success within our advocacy program. Once Billtrust is seamlessly integrated, and you have not only attained measurable results but can also articulate the success both you and your business have experienced, you will be well-prepared to join.

Getting Started

Are you ready to share your success? The first step is easy.

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Contact us to set up an introductory call, explain the program, answer any questions, and handle all of the next steps. There is no cost to you or your organization to participate. We will not publish anything without your prior review and approval. Any content we create you are welcome to use both internally and externally. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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