Automation helps scale your equipment business to match industry growth and demand


Having high-performing equipment and machinery is essential for your business success. So are the order-to-cash processes that keep everything running behind the scenes. Manual-based processes are still standard in your industry, but they’re holding your company back from reaching its full competitive potential.

Let automation do the heavy lifting for your accounts receivable (AR) team.

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Equipment industry calls for flexibility in order-to-cash processes

The equipment and machinery industry is in a period of significant flux.

Fluctuating prices for parts and materials are threatening profit margins — pressuring companies to find ways to stabilize or cut costs elsewhere. Demand for cranes, tractors, and excavators is increasing to support a rebounding construction industry, including upcoming infrastructure projects. And many outsized machines are being replaced with advanced versions incorporating technologies that are far more energy-efficient and emissions-friendly.

Ironically, that same modernization hasn’t caught on in the back office, where manual processes and outdated systems remain intact.

Without embracing the same innovation found in the digital transformation of your field equipment and machinery, those antiquated AR and order-to-cash processes could be costing you the same business you want to attract.

Billtrust supports over 100 equipment companies including:

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Make it easy for your customers to do business with you

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Now’s the time to capitalize on the opportunities that digitalizing your processes can deliver:

  • Scaling your financial processes positions you to meet industry demand and support your business growth
  • Replacing time-consuming, labor-intensive manual work can relieve some of the labor shortage pressure
  • Automating invoicing and payments enables you to handle a larger volume and types of transactions
  • Optimizing operational efficiency helps ensure you get paid promptly Having efficient AR and order-to-cash processes is critical to your success in the equipment industry.
  • The case for going digital is compelling.

With solutions that navigate accounts payable (AP) portals, streamline invoice delivery, extract remittances, increase match rates, and accelerate payments, Billtrust can help you better serve your customers and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Types of equipment providers that benefit from Billtrust solutions