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Your business serves so many diverse customers from a range of territories, time zones and even accounts payable (AP) requirements. You want to extend exceptional customer service to them all, but their growing adoption of AP portals makes getting paid more complicated than ever.

Then, once payments are finally made, the many obstacles to cash application begin, and your accounts receivable (AR) team sees even more frustration and repetitive, time-consuming work.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one way to manage all your customers’ payment preferences in a PCI-compliant solution that saves time and money?

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AR automation puts customers in charge — and you in control

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Billtrust simplifies your invoicing and payments processes, accelerating cash flow and controlling costs through automated processes. All while keeping your customers satisfied using their own accounting preferences.

  • Improve customer experiences
    Billtrust supports a 24/7, self-service portal for your customers. Deliver invoices in their preferred format, answer questions, and resolve disputes more quickly while reducing phone call volume.
  • Accelerate cash flow
    From reducing manual keying errors to increasing payments and cash application accuracy, the Billtrust suite of automated solutions easily scales your organization’s AR functions to accelerate cash flow.
  • Bolster payments security
    Billtrust offers the tools to implement PCI-compliant processes, including internal audit controls, that reduce instances of non-compliance and high-penalty fees.

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