Manufacturers and distributors must automate AR to stay competitive


Manufacturing and distribution companies use advanced automation and AI on the production floor, but the same can’t always be said for their accounting and administrative workflows.

This is an opportunity. Automating payments and invoicing will give your team better control over the order-to-cash cycle, accelerate cash flow, and ensure you stay a step ahead of the industry.

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Managing disruption is the new norm

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Accounting processes within manufacturing and distribution firms have traditionally relied on manual work involving large volumes of paper. In an industry where profit margins are tight, effective cash management becomes critical — especially now as businesses continue to deal with supply chain disruptions and economic uncertainty.

Don’t let your revenue stream be further compromised by payment acceptance challenges, slow exception resolution and time-intensive AR practices.

Accounts receivable technology from Billtrust gives you more control over invoicing and payments. It frees up your team to focus on strategic tasks and makes it easy for customers to do business with you.

With the Billtrust suite of solutions, you can offer a way to send invoices online, automate ACH or credit card payments,and monitor and manage accounts 24/7. AR processes are dramatically simplified and shortened. That means consistent cash flow — and the liquidity you need to grow your business.

Billtrust works with over 400 manufacturing and distribution companies in multiple industries including:

How manufacturing and distribution companies are leveraging AR technology from Billtrust

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