Grow your electrical distribution business with digital B2B solutions

Electrical distribution

As the electrical distribution industry experiences an expansion phase — your AR processes need to scale along with it. Billtrust accounts receivable solutions help keep your cash flowing as smoothly as your electrical distribution logistics. Give your customers the flexibility to access their invoices, place orders, and make payments through their preferred channels while saving your organization time and money.

Put an end to distribution disruptions with frictionless order-to-cash solutions that simplify manual AR tasks with automated processes.

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With Billtrust solutions, you can:

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  • Minimize the time and cost of invoice delivery and let your customers view their invoices all in one place.
  • Adapt to varying customer payment methods including virtual credit card payments and shorten the time it takes to get paid.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of customers making credit card payments by implementing surcharges and offset unnecessary expenses.
  • Optimize outdated collections processes with automated solutions and put an end to bad debt and increased write-offs.
  • Create a seamless customer relationship and provide self-service access to inventory, ordering, invoices, and payments with automated order-to-cash solutions.

Billtrust works with over 160 electrical distributors that specialize in:

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Take charge in the era of digital distribution

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Modernize your accounts receivable processes and maintain a healthy order-to-cash cycle with the Billtrust suite of automated solutions. Easily and automatically invoice virtually all accounts payable portals, enable every payment channel available, get accurate remittance match rates, and make better use of your staff’s time.

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Stay competitive with optimized AR processes

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Billtrust offers AR solutions that can be exceptionally helpful for electrical distributors, including eCommerce solutions that integrate seamlessly with enterprise resource planning platforms (ERPs) to ensure data and financial processes run smoothly.

With an intuitive B2B and B2C user experience, your customers gain visibility into available inventory and can sort through past orders, resubmit orders, and upload purchase order files at their convenience. As your business grows, keep cash flowing with optimized eCommerce, warehouse, and distribution operations and stay ahead of the competition.