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Your team is looking to accelerate customer onboarding, mitigate financial risk, and manage monthly receivables with more accuracy than before. With Billtrust, you can contribute recommendations for processes and reconciliations, and unleash cash flow across your organization.

Reduce manual effort and solve accounts receivable (AR) inefficiencies — without adding staff — with the Billtrust suite of solutions, and seamlessly connect your customers within the B2B payment ecosystem. All on a customer-centric platform, that makes it easy to do business.

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Bridge the gap between AR & AP

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Now you can transform your company's financial position with a modern accounts receivable process, integrated with AI forecasting. Continue to conduct business — free of manual interactions — and make getting paid radically simpler.

Discover how online delivery channels and personalized messaging create loyal customers by exploring the Billtrust suite of solutions.

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Benefits of working with Billtrust

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Why Billtrust's accounts payable team deployed an AP portal
Accelerate digital payments with automated AR
Accelerate digital payments with automated AR
Billtrust Controller, Elizabeth Gerould, describes the benefits of online portals and how they address both sides of the payment equation while providing valuable transparency into the order-to-cash process. See how the Billtrust suite of solutions easily identifies inefficiencies and provides recommendations with digital accounts receivable operations. 

Manage receivables by adopting online processes

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Efficiently set up AR and AP systems with Billtrust. All on a customizable platform built with you in mind.

  • Reduce time, effort, and costs of labor by turning manual operations into automated ones
  • Give buyers multiple options with a customer self-service portal
  • Increase match rates with machine learning
  • Improve capital by managing DSO and account reconciliations
  • Provide a transparent order-to-cash process and improve customer experience