Use accounts receivable to your strategic advantage


As a CEO, cost efficiencies, strong customer relationships, healthy cash flow, and sustained business growth are high on your list of priorities. But common constraints — thin margins, limited resources, and pressure to differentiate your company — threaten progress.

Overcome these challenges by transforming your accounts receivable (AR) processes into a strategic asset. Billtrust’s AI-powered solutions create a frictionless order-to-cash cycle, eliminating errors, accelerating cash flow, and freeing up your leadership team to focus on the future.

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Transform your AR processes to support your growth

Investing in new ways to grow your customer base and revenue demands investing in technology to transform your AR processes. Sure, changing from familiar manual processes involves some growing pains. But changes in your AR processes through new technology is far less of a risk than maintaining the status quo.

Move finance forward with Billtrust's AR solutions and benefit from:

  • Real-time visibility into your AR performance — so you can make the strategic, informed decisions that support growth and the bottom line
  • Expedited invoicing and payments processes create an accelerated, predictable cash flow giving you faster access to the cash you need to invest in your business
  • AR processes scale to meet customer expectations, delivering an improved customer experience from order to payment
  • Automated AR methods appeal to existing and prospective customers wanting an easy payment process that gets them paid fast
  • Your company’s standing is strengthened among international customers who are subject to e-invoicing mandates
  • You gain a competitive advantage over others in your industry who are hesitant to adopt AR technology

Globally, many successful companies are already on board with Billtrust; some may be your competitors.

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