Boost bottom lines by solving retail accounts receivable challenges


Retail businesses like yours face daily challenges, including managing diverse payment methods, handling high transaction volumes, maintaining healthy cash flow, and adapting to the demands of digital commerce. When B2B customers expect seamless, frictionless transactions, outdated manual accounts receivable processes stifle your growth and frustrate your buyers.
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Start moving forward with ecommerce and accounts receivables integration

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Providing a B2B ecommerce site that connects to your invoicing and payments system simplifies and enhances the customer experience, and streamlines business operations - benefitting both you and your buyers.

  • Enhanced customer experience: A complete O2C solution often includes features like online order tracking, self-service portals, and automated invoicing. These provide transparency, convenience, and timely communication, which can lead to higher satisfaction and retention.
  • Improved cash flow: With a unified platform, invoices are generated promptly upon order placement, and customers can make payments immediately, reducing the time it takes to convert sales into cash.
  • Reduced errors and disputes: Integration minimizes errors and discrepancies between orders, invoices, and payments, reducing the likelihood of disputes and reconciliation efforts for both you and your customers.
  • Enhanced self-service: Customers appreciate the ability to manage their accounts independently. Viewing and downloading invoices, tracking order histories, and making payments at their convenience, all create positive buying experiences and give you a competitive advantage in the market.

Don't let accounts receivable challenges hinder your growth and profitability. Join the many successful retailers who have chosen Billtrust as their strategic partner in creating value for their customers and moving finance forward.

Billtrust works with over 200 B2B retailers with over $390B in revenue representing multiple industries including: