Focus on what’s next, not what’s past due

VP of Finance

As a vice president of finance, your role is to look out for your company’s future. But the proliferation of customers’ accounts payable (AP) portals, the undying penchant to still pay by check, and all those time-killing spreadsheets and manual processes make your job much more complicated than it should be.

Automated accounts receivable (AR) technology solutions can resolve your B2B finance problems by transforming the entire order-to-cash cycle, helping you move finance forward and achieve your business goals. Now you can simplify transactions, unify payment ecosystems, and unlock better customer — and staff — experiences with the Billtrust suite of solutions.

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Use your VP of Finance talent more wisely

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Your insights and skills are too valuable to be stuck managing uncoupled remittances or calling customers for AP portal login credentials. Get out from under the tediousness of daily life in your accounting department and adopt new, frictionless processes that will enable you to use your time, team, and talent more effectively.

With Billtrust onboard, you’ll have a single source of truth for all company financial data and history. You’ll get unprecedented visibility into the entire order-to-cash process so you can focus on specific customers’ issues, create detailed reports, drive strategy, and make more informed decisions about your company’s future.

  • See a complete overview of customers’ invoicing and payment information
  • Track and trace the status of any invoice, from creation through receipt of payment
  • Ensure consistent quality control over financial transactions and financial reporting
  • Get 24/7 access to all information, enabling different territories to work without delay

Billtrust solutions connect seamlessly with your ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relations management) platforms, so revenue, resources, products, and sales sync for more significant, organization-wide transparency.

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Fast, better, without errors: A radically simple approach to traditional O2C

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  • Retain complete control of all aspects of your order-to-cash processes
  • Deliver invoices anywhere, at any time, in any format, via any channel your customers require
  • Process more payments in less time, fueling room for growth

Solutions this powerful are surprisingly easy to implement and manage. And because they save you time, they’ll also save money, giving you a speedy return on investment.

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