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The accounts receivable team may be an unlikely place to uncover marketing opportunities, but they can be a key differentiator when your potential clients want to transform their invoicing and payments processes. With frictionless finance processes, everyone has more time to focus on KPIs such as volume, retention, and conversions, and then use that data to drive sales.

Billtrust solutions make it possible to execute core marketing responsibilities — with a little help from optimized AR solutions — to uncover market shares with less manual tasks. With user-friendly payment options and transparent AR processes, you can strengthen your B2B strategy with solutions that give you an advantage over the competition.

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Customer satisfaction depends on efficient AR solutions

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When your organization goes beyond just streamlining cumbersome AR tasks, payments are faster, easier — and enable customers to buy more, sooner. Integrated with almost any system of record (ERP, CRM, VMS, etc.), the Billtrust suite of solutions helps your company implement AR best practices, achieve better financial results faster, and keep customers happy with greater transparency and top-notch communication.

Remove time-consuming manual keying and remittance-matching tasks for your AR team, enabling them to focus on growth strategies and pay more attention to high-touch customers. Influence buyer behavior and drive traffic to your webstore when you implement optimized solutions and future proof best practices from Billtrust.

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Why Billtrust stands out from the rest

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Here’s why marketing directors rely on Billtrust

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When you partner with Billtrust, you gain access to efficient order-to-cash processes that are meticulously constructed to resolve the unique needs of your business. From online purchasing to payment options, turn your digital ideas into reality with automated AR solutions.

  • Automate routine communications and repetitive tasks with optimized order-to-cash processes
  • Provide self-service access to ordering, invoices, and payments and create a loyal customer base
  • Maintain control over published content with a user-friendly content management system (CMS)
  • Let collectors improve efficiency and apply remittance data instantly with cash application