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Electric distributor sees massive spike in online sales with eCommerce webstore
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Achieved with dedicated eCommerce manager

Since 2016

Customer satisfaction

Achieved in 2019

The Challenge

Blazer Electric Supply is Southern Colorado’s largest locally owned electrical supply distributor. They focus on innovative ways to take care of their customers and raised the bar with 24/7 eCommerce and real-time inventory access from any device. But before they updated their order system, customers had to sort through physical historical orders to submit reorders. They wanted to provide ‘self-serve’ access to inventory in order to organize stock replenishments, pull spec sheets and check prices from anywhere at their convenience. Their customer base (contractors, MRO, government and military) also had varied schedules, locations and levels of digital savvy, so resolving these issues could not be one-size fits all.

The eCommerce Solution

Blazer decided on a future-focused digital transformation with Billtrust and their advanced B2B/B2C eCommerce webstore product. They required a real-time integration with Epicor Eclipse, so they implemented their FlexPro Silver Eclipse Webstore. This gave customers access to Blazer’s complete webstore catalog, the ability to upload purchase order files, a mobile barcode scanner, reorder pad to quickly create a shopping cart, an additional payment module and more. Blazer now offers an easy-to-use B2C-like user experience for placing orders and complex B2B capabilities to serve the unique needs of wholesalers.


“Billtrust has been a quality partner for five-plus years. They’ve delivered regular updates to our eCommerce site, improved performance and speed, improved search ability and much more. ”

Lalena Kotasek
eCommerce Marketing & IT Manager, Blazer Electric Supply Company

The Results

Since implementing their new webstore, Blazer has maintained above average growth for the industry for five years, and a key to that success has been their ability to utilize eCommerce tools to effectively change their customers’ research and purchasing habits. They also have an eCommerce Marketing & IT Manager solely dedicated to making sure the webstore is optimized to support customers and the sales team, and to making ongoing improvements. In 2019 they saw a 175% increase in online revenue generated from the site. Blazer Electric Supply has now reached the Pinnacle level for their buying group, IMARK’s eCustomer Satisfaction Program.

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