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Industrial Supply

Industrial supply companies like yours need working capital to grow and continue supporting customers. A solid accounts receivable (AR) process that can scale alongside is essential. Unfortunately, too many industrial supply AR teams struggle with manual processes that stifle cash flow.

It’s time to achieve the financial efficiency needed to sustain business growth.

That means going digital, and the sector is catching on. Many industrial suppliers are replacing time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks with automation to make AR processes easier, more efficient, and a lot more customer-friendly.

If your company is looking to do the same, Billtrust can help.

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Pulling out all the stops with AR automation

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Bottlenecks anywhere along the supply chain between your company and your customers can threaten progress on their projects.

Similarly, bottlenecks in your accounts receivable process can negatively impact operational efficiencies, cash flow, and ultimately your customers’ ability to do business with you.

While managing tasks manually is certainly one culprit, the AR process has also gotten more complex with proliferating payment methods, dozens of AP portals to navigate, costly credit card fees, and problematic remittance matching.

Billtrust helps pull out all the stops with a suite of software solutions that streamlines the order-to-cash cycle.

Your customers become empowered to view and manage their accounts 24/7, receive invoices electronically, and pay with their preferred methods. And your industrial supply company is better able to manage and accelerate cash flow, improve match rates, and reallocate your AR team’s valuable time toward more strategic activities.

Billtrust works with more than 170 industrial supply companies

Types of industrial supply providers that benefit from Billtrust solutions: